Spice Boutique

Mama Spice brings our 3 culinary passions to life in 1 co—working haven:

  1. A Spice Boutique
  2. A Sustainable Table with possibility to reserve our space for private events from 10 persons & above
  3. A Food Lab
    • We support entrepreneurs to test & validate their concept in our equipped kitchen & production lab conform to Health & Safety regulations in vigour, prior to making heavy financial investments to launch their ventures.
    • Professionals (chefs ~ caterers ~ artisans) can use our operational tools to grow their own ventures at a reduced cost.

Patrons can purchase the all—natural, ready—to—use Mama Spice blends creations by Devaky  at our Spice Boutique located on 24 rue Sylvabelle 13006 Marseille & our e-Boutique. “Edible perfumes” to make cooking fun, easy & tasty, everyday. We cater to both B2C & B2B markets.

    • From epicureans who enjoy good food & drinks, to seasoned chefs & also novices who want to eat without spending eternity in their kitchens… The Mama Spice “edible perfumes” are designed to suit all.
    • The perfect gift to offer — Our “edible perfumes” not only add a thoughtful personal touch to the art of giving, but also create beautiful experiences, foster timeless souvenirs & anecdotes to share during future gatherings. Where a bouquet of flowers or a fine wine is relished in the moment, Mama Spice is a gift that continues to give.

Cook as usual, add the Mama Spice blend of your choice, create your own magic!

This bouquet of new aromas & flavours contains not just my creations. Each jar holds little pieces of my life, memories and dreams. Each jar embodies happiness in knowing that you, especially children, enjoy meals that open up your culinary frontiers to explore new tastes. Each jar tells its own story, which I am delighted to share with you.

My vision is to bridge cultures & cuisines through spices. Connect people & inspire healthier communities. Create dishes with unique flavours that makes food nourishing & cooking a pleasurable moment shared.

Placing my spice blends in your kitchens is my way of encouraging you to weave your own magic, while letting you into mine. To me, this is a vital ingredient in sharing culinary experiences that transcends borders. Because, Food Is Love!” — Devaky

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Recommended by Collège Culinaire de France.

Sustainable Table

Devaky receives you at her intimate table, where India meets France, to savour an audacious cuisine which allies tradition & modernity with an ample dose of generosity.

Friday & Saturday | 20:00 — 23:30. Her monthly “Dîners d’exception” embark patrons upon a culinary discovery of authentic south Indian gastronomy & Roots by Devaky ~ Dîner “Pont d’Épices” France — Inde.

    • Friday DOSA Menu €35 — €45
    • Saturday CHAAT 4 course €55 | 5 course €65
    • Saturday SADYA Vég €70 | Non Vég €80
    • Drinks à la carte

Spices Spicy (hot). By adding Mama Spice to traditional French dishes, the exquisite quality retains its culinary identity, its French connotation — Mama Spice simply sublimes them. It is all a question of dosage, of balance & of creativity — As with everything in life.

Our approach to sustainability: Food is sacred to us & deserves our utmost respect. The menu changes weekly, food is freshly cooked on site for the number of patrons present. Our vision to build a better world, starts with us — Our efforts in sustainable development | zero waste would not have its desired impact without you.

We understand your impulse to go out to enjoy a meal without making a reservation. We will gladly welcome last minute reservations & walk—ins, as long as we have enough food to feed you. Reason why, we encourage you to make your reservations in advance.

Welcome to our table!

Food Lab


🔸️A chef looking for a professional kitchen space in an exquisite environment conducive to creatively work on new ideas, explore the region’s food–scape, develop your farm–to–table & seasonal repertoire?

We assist chefs during an integral stage of their career, to establish themselves in the culinary world, to infuse a mid–career turning point with new energy & fresh perspective, or as an accomplished chef in need of sabbatical. Chefs have access to our kitchen for their own creative exploration.

🔸️A caterer seeking to expand, need production space?

We give you access to our equipped kitchen & lab compliant with HACCP, Ergonomy, Safety & Security standards, designed to simplify your production capacity, operations, logistics & packaging challenges.

🔸️An entrepreneur nurturing an idea for the future of food?

We support you to transform it into a profitable business, build sales funnels, market, manage your supply chain, hire the right profiles, … Our refined showroom is available to showcase your talents, brand & products. Our kitchen & lab space is available to test & validate your concept.

We provide the infrastructure, you can focus on revenue generation first, prior to contracting financial debts — Heavy initial investments necessary to launch your ventures in a saturated market.

Our Food Lab located in Marseille city centre is easily accessible to clients, network partners & actors. Proximity to the local community is essential to scale.

Come, meet us. — Reach out to learn more about our offers & pricing: +33 (0)7 82 15 28 80 | entrepreneur@mama-spice.com

Please note: You are responsible for your own transportation & living, any personal tools & materials, or specific requirements.