Food Lab

🔸️Chefs | pâtissiers | artisans | mixologists seeking a professional kitchen space in an exquisite environment conducive to creatively work on new ideas & projects without distraction:

We assist you during your integral career stage — To establish yourselves in the culinary world, to infuse a mid–career turning point with new energy & fresh perspective, or as an accomplished chef in need of a sabbatical. Our kitchen & lab is available for your own creative exploration.

🔸️Caterers seeking to expand, need a production space:

Our equipped kitchen & lab compliant with HACCP, Ergonomy, Safety & Security standards are designed to simplify your production capacity, operations, logistics & packaging challenges.

🔸️Entrepreneurs nurturing an idea for the future of food:

We teach you to transform it into a profitable business. Our refined showroom showcases your talents, brand & products. Our kitchen & lab are available to test & validate your concept.

We provide the infrastructure, you can focus on revenue generation first, prior to contracting debts — Heavy initial financial investments necessary to launch your ventures in a saturated market.

Our Food Lab in Marseille city centre is accessible to clients & network partners, bring proximity to local community. Essential to scale.

Come, meet us. — Reach out to learn more about our offers & pricing: +33 (0)7 82 15 28 80 |