Food Lab


“You both quit Airbus & IBM — a CDI, a monthly paycheck — to launch Mama Spice?!! How did you do it?” | “I have no personal guarantee, how do I get funding?” | “I want to launch my food venture, but don’t know where to start.” | “Could I test my product (idea) in your kitchen?” — These are some of the questions we frequently get.

Since we launched Mama Spice, we (Benoit & Devaky) have leveraged our experience, to support & help future entrepreneurs refine their business ideas & build their company from the ground up. We are proud to see the people we have accompanied, thrive, launch their ventures & become successful. So, we decided to combine & dedicate our competencies, industry knowledge, entrepreneurial experience & our Kitchen | Lab facilities to position Mama Spice as an entrepreneurial service organisationA FOOD LAB.

We provide the following services to entrepreneurs, as well as access to an equipped kitchen, lab & storage space, focused on accelerating growth of their startups & emerging innovative businesses in food:

    • A location in Marseille city centre accessible also via public transportation reduces commute times & brings proximity to clients, other businesses & services.
    • A Kitchen | Lab facilities give small, launching food businesses access to an affordable & equipped space to test & focus on releasing an MVP.
    • A high—end showroom designed to showcase your products to the community, partners & clients.
    • A flexible support program adaptable to your needs : Mentoring — Structure — Resources needed to get your business off the ground, turn ideas into sales & revenues.
    • Access to a community of invaluable individuals to help navigate the challenges of starting a business.

Through our services provided, we:

    • Help remove restrictive barriers of high cost capital investment associated with purchasing a space & kitchen equipment,
    • Allow specialty food businesses the opportunity to start from nothing & grow,
    • Reduce the risk of failure by removing additional start up barriers associated with no or low skills in the areas of operating, managing & maintaining a commercial space | kitchen,
    • Provide resources related to mindset, branding, marketing, distribution, accounting, insurance & financing new products.

In résume: Mama Spice is not a shared commercial kitchen facility, but a Food Lab that provides services:

    • Support & network to food entrepreneurs to help build & scale their ventures.
    • Access to its on—site, state—of—the—art, licensed kitchen & lab facilities,
    • Opportunities to create jobs & community impact ventures that foster ecosystem development & reputation.

The entrepreneurial venture is exhilarating at the best of times, yet a lonely journey when you are starting out. Having a solid support system is an essential part of your success. At Mama Spice, we are here to provide you with that support through our tailor—made services.

So, are you a budding food entrepreneur looking to test your restaurant or startup idea? Reach out to us! +33 (0)7 82 15 28 80 |