Dîners d’exception

SADYA: A traditional festive meal from South India with an assortment of 15 to 20 items served on a banana leaf.

Sadya €70 — €90 | Drinks à la carte.

To experience this culinary voyage together right here in Marseille, is an exquisite discovery of my native Kerala. And I get to live my south India vicariously through all of you!

4 Course Kerala POTHICHORU €60 | Drinks à la carte.


Dedicated to the quintessence of South Indian cuisine at Mama Spice. Discover the varieties & richness of this delicious dish we relish for breakfast. Personally, I would eat it morning, noon and night! A journey to my home from our table in Marseille.

MENU: €35 — €45. Drinks à la carte.

CHAAT: Authentic Paani Puri, Tikki, Chole Batture, Dahi Bhalla, … made from scratch, just like in North India.

MENU: 4 course €55  |  5 course €65  |  Drinks à la carte.