Why Mama Spice

I design spice blends the way a Parfumeur creates perfumes. 1 blend can have 10+ ingredients. It’s a slightly more complex process than simply assembling them. This all—natural sensory bouquet contains not just my creations, a lifetime of knowledge & wisdom gained from generations is passed on. Spices deserve to be celebrated & elevated.

Seasonings redefined.
An ode to 3rd—culture identity, home is where the spices are. A union of Provençal herbs & Indian spices bring a universe of unexplored new perfumes & tastes for you to discover. To understand spices, their benefits & uses is to open a door to outstanding culinary potential.

Their nobility grace our food since millennia, yet we still struggle to use them, succumb to clichés: Spices “mask bad food”. We ignore how versatile, easy & fun it is to cook with spices. It’s all about dosage.

My vision is to build bridges across different cultures & cuisines, connect people with spices, inspire healthier communities. The ready—to—use blends are well—balanced for all types of cuisines without overwhelming the natural taste of ingredients.

Mama Spice, a living book.
Accessible to every girl with an Internet connection, but not always an education, in the hope it will encourage others to pave their own destiny. A survivor’s testimony to resilience, perseverance & grit: A 26—year old immigrant who chose to escape an arranged marriage from India, with her child.

2 decades ago, when I arrived in Marseille, all I had was my 3—year old, a bank loan for my tuition at Kedge & our vital necessities. I went back to university, my son began kindergarten. We learnt the language, understood the French culture & its people, adapted to fit—in.

Rock bottom was the foundation on which I rebuilt a life of dignity, independence & respect. From the toughest life—altering decision to leave India: Home, family, friends, the comforts & stability they provide, to:

Welcome to my Spice Perfumery. Devaky